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Update Your Home With Our Limited-Time Offers

Image by Federica Giusti
Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

It Pays to Plan Ahead 
Take 15% Off Your Service

Book your service at least two weeks in advance, and receive a 15% Discount on your service.

Mention Promo Code 15OFF when booking.

Spring Refresh 
Just $100 * Per Fixture Swap

Refresh your home for Spring and swap out your fixtures for a flat rate of $100 per fixture.

Mention Promo Code FIXTURE100 when booking.

*This price includes the installation service and does not include the cost of the fixture. Lights and fans apply, as long as a new fan box is not required for installation.

Image by Douglas Sheppard
Home Control App

Install A Smart Monitor 
Get A Smart Monitor Device PLUS Installation
For Only $399

Take control of your home's energy usage and save money on utility bills with a Smart Home Monitor.


For a limited time, get a Smart Home Monitor plus installation for ONLY $399.

Mention Promo Code SMART when booking.

How can a Smart Home Monitor save you money?


  • The device is linked to an app you can download, which allows you to see your energy usage in real-time.

  • Keep track of what is using the most energy -- and costing you the most money.

  • Receive notifications when devices, appliances, or electronics -- or even your garage door -- turn on/ or off

  • Set goals on energy usage and savings in your app

  • Monitor how your solar panels are working -- and saving you on energy usage.

  • Integrates with Alexa, Google Home, Phillips Hue, TP-Link, WeMo, etc.

Protect Your Electronic Devices 
Get A Whole-House Surge Protector PLUS Installation For Only $399

Keep your electronics safe with a Whole House Surge Protector. Get a surge protector PLUS installation to your electric panel for ONLY $399.


Mention Promo Code SURGE when booking.


Why is a whole-house surge protector important?


  • Hard-wired to your electrical panel, it provides power surge protection for your entire home.

  • When electrical voltage spikes or surges, the protector blocks it or grounds it, preventing your electronic devices from being damaged.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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